Whatever industry you are in, when payday comes around, your employees must get paid.

Pay-Per Payroll Services LLC will provide cost-effective and easy-to-use payroll solutions.

We pride ourselves in tailoring our products and services to meet YOUR individual needs.

No compliance worries

With payroll laws constantly changing, you want to place your trust in the company that will keep you in compliance at all times. Let us stay on top of all the complex laws for you!

Single and multi-state payroll processing

No client is too small or too complicated for us to deal with. Do you have multiple locations, situated in various states around the country? Keeping track of each locality’s payroll tax laws will keep you from keeping track of your business. Leave it to us- the experts.

Employee Self Service

Reduce labor costs for your HR department- employees can review and receive paystubs on their own. At year end, W2s will be available for download as well.

Complete tax filing service

The Pay-Per Payroll guarantee: Leave the worries to us. We guarantee that all your payroll taxes and tax returns will be filed and paid timely, month after month.

PTO tracking

Say goodbye to your excel spreadsheets, and let our automated system track your employees’ vacation and time off… leaving YOU more time for vacation... AAHHH…

GL export

Save time and money with our QuickBooks export that makes entering payroll into your bookkeeping system a breeze!

We focus on your payroll, you focus on your business!

Service, it’s part of our name.

More than just payroll, we are your complete Workforce Management solution.

A Solution for every type of business.

Providing solutions for your small to medium sized business.

PAYROLL PROCESSING: Accurate, paperless, convenient.

Servicing ALL 50 states.

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HR:  Protect your business and help avoid costly penalties with our expert HR tools and advice.

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Time & Attendance- Eliminate paper work and reduce labor costs with our streamlined solution. Hardware and mobile clocks available.

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Pay as You Go Worker’s Comp- Calculate your premium based on actual payroll. No more surprise premiums due at renewal.

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